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Michael Green Hi! Michael Green here. If we can be of any assistance then please DO contact us. I will ensure you get a reply as quickly as possible. We have put together the most frequently asked questions below so the answer to your question may already be there. If not, please do contact us.

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Q: Do you really deliver world-wide for free?
A: We sure do! We deliver to Australia, America, England, Ireland, Canada, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Russia, Argentina, Japan and also to...... well, you get the idea!

Q: I need this in a hurry - can you meet my deadline?
A: We will certainly do our best! See our delivery options or contact us and we will let you know what is possible.

Q: Where can I view my Family Crest for Free?
A: We have a Gallery with over a 1000 Family Crests and Family History details free for you to view. You can view it for free by clicking Here or Here.

Q: Are Gifts for MY Name available?
A: Probably! Our researcher has access to tens of thousands of names. If we cannot supply your name then no charge whatsoever is applied. If you have a picture or a photo of a design that you want replicated then contact us and you can then email it to us.

Q: Where do you find these Family Crests - are they authentic?
A: There are thousands of manuscripts and books that record ancient family crests/coats of arms. Among the most referenced resources include Burkes General Armory, 1842, The Rietstap Armorial, 1861, and Rolland's Illustrations to the Armorial General, among countless others.

Q: Isn't it true that only individuals can have a family crest/coat of arms?
A: Alas this is a common misconception and is just as incorrect as the statement: 'Every family has their own Family Crest'. Every family does not! Some family crests/coats of arms were indeed granted to individuals while other were granted/claimed/assigned to a family/clan/sept.

We accept Paypal Q: Can I pay by Paypal?
A: Yes you can! Send us the details of the items you want to order and the price and we will email you a Paypal Payment Request which will allow you to pay using your Paypal Account.

Q: Can I pay by Cheque/Draft?
A: Yes you can! Bank drafts made out in EUROs are the fastest way to go. We do accept personal cheques but have to wait 28 days for them to clear. We cannot accept Postal Orders. Contact us for more details.

Q: Do you supply printed catalogs?
A: Yes we do! Contact us to send us your details and we will post it to you. No Charge!

Q: Are my details secure?
A: Yes, very. Our site uses SSL which is the worldwide standard for encryption and security on the Web. There has never been a recorded case of an SSL server being compromised. Ever.

Q: I missed the delivery and the parcel was returned to you - will you re-ship?
Occasionally a Courier or Postal Service will attempt to deliver a parcel but no-one is home. They usually leave a note for collection but sometimes the parcel is not collected and is returned to us! In this situation we will re-ship it at 'cost' to the recipient (and will keep that cost as low as possible).

Q: What is your 'Send a Photo' Promotion?
A: We love it when our customers tell us that they love our products. Email us a few usable digital camera photos that show the product in use (or the product being accepted as a gift) and we will send you a free family crest print for the name of your choosing absolutely free of charge (usual price is US$24.99). View sample photos on this page.

Q: How can I get the ring size for a claddagh or signet ring I want to order?
A: The simple way is to bring an existing ring owned by the person to a jeweller who can size the ring in seconds for no charge. Alternatively, measure the circumference or diameter of the finger that will wear the ring. Use the chart below to estimate the ring size. Rings can be easily re-sized in a local jeweller for a small charge if necessary.

Ring Size 3 = 44 mm circumference or 14 mm diameter
Ring Size 4 = 47 mm circumference or 15 mm diameter
Ring Size 5 = 49 mm circumference or 16 mm diameter
Ring Size 6 = 51.5 mm circumference or 16.5 mm diameter

Ring Size 7 = 54 mm circumference or 17 mm diameter
Ring Size 8 = 57 mm circumference or 18 mm diameter

Ring Size 9 = 59 mm circumference or 19 mm diameter
Ring Size 10 = 62 mm circumference or 20 mm diameter

Ring Size 11 = 64 mm circumference or 21 mm diameter
Ring Size 12 = 66.5 mm circumference or 21.5 mm diameter

Ring Size 13 = 69 mm circumference or 22 mm diameter
Ring Size 14 = 72 mm circumference or 23 mm diameter

Q: What are the Terms of Sale?
A: The full Terms of Sale are shown below. We try our best to help when things go wrong (the most usual problem is that the client has ordered a wrong item!) so talk to us.
1. Where the client orders and receives an item which subsequently turns out to be incorrect (i.e. the client ordered the wrong item), then will make every attempt to replace the item with the desired item up to the same value. Where 'customisation' has occurred then an additional charge may be levied. A Shipping charge will be levied.

2. will replace any item that the client is dissatisfied with upon it being returned to us. A refund will be provided less the cost of our shipping, customization charges (if any, for example a hand-painted plaque) and our credit card processing. This returns policy does not apply to any jewellery item or to any individually customised items and to specifically commissioned works of art. The cost of returning an item to rests totally with the client. Where returned goods have been opened by the client (for example C.D.'s) then a replacement charge will be levied.

3. When you pay for goods by credit card you are billed in either US$ or EUROs. If you use a currency other than US$ then YOUR credit card company automatically converts the US$ price into your local currency. The exchange rates used by your credit card company varies daily and is totally beyond our control.

4. accepts no responsibility for any customs levies or import taxes or duties that may be applied to your order. Any such charges are the responsibility of the client and are beyond our control.

5. All products offered are subject to availability. Where an item is unavailable for whatever reason then a suitable replacement may be offered to the client. shall not be liable for any loss or damage, howsoever caused, arising from the unavailability of any item.

6. provides SSL security and protects the credit card details of our clients. Where an item is returned or an order cancelled for no apparent reason and where the customer has already been billed then credit card processing fee may be applied.

7. Where an item has been customised then a charge for the work completed will be levied. For example, if a client orders a specific family crest plaque with the family crest hand painted on it then any refund provided will be less a charge for the painting.

8. Missed Delivery: Occasionally a Courier or Postal Service will attempt to deliver a parcel but no-one is home. They usually leave a note for collection but sometimes the parcel is not collected and is returned to us! In this situation we will re-ship it at 'cost' to the recipient (and will keep that cost as low as possible).

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