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Stamped with the official 'Hallmark' of the Assay Office in Dublin. Jewellery with this hallmark is sought after the world over. It is an official measure of authenticity. Height is approx 0.54 inch (Gents) and 0.4 inch (Ladies). Polished finish. See further down this page for information about the origin of Claddagh rings (also known as Claddah rings, Irish friendship rings, Irish promise rings and Irish engagement rings. Our Irish Claddagh rings are available as sterling silver rings, gold Irish rings, silver Irish rings and white gold Irish rings. Platinum rings are available on request (contact us).

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History of the Claddagh Ring &
How to wear a Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh Ring originated in the Claddagh fishing village near Galway City in the West of Ireland. The ring shows two hands (representing friendship) presenting a heart (representing love) adorned by a crown (representing loyalty) and it is thus the traditional Irish wedding band.

The motto associated with the ring is 'Let love and friendship reign'.

The Tribes of Galway

At the time the ring was first created, Galway was ruled in much the same way as was much of Ireland - by local Septs or Clans who had their own chiefs. There were a number of famous Septs in the region and they became known as the 'Tribes of Galway'. Perhaps the most famous of these was the Joyce Sept.

There are a number of stories associated with this famous family that try to explain the origin of the Claddagh Ring.

The first is of Margaret Joyce who married a wealthy Spaniard in the late 1500's who, upon his death, left his fortune to Margaret who used the money for improving the situation of her family and community. Legend has it that Margaret was rewarded for her selfless deeds when an eagle dropped a golf ring into her lap. It is said that from this humble beginning the design for the ring was borne.

Richard Joyce

This story is at odds however with that concerning Richard Joyce. Whilst on a journey to the West Indies Richard was captured by Algerians and sold into slavery to a Moorish goldsmith who it is said trained him in his art.

At the demand of William III of England Richard was released from his slavery in 1689 and returned to Galway to establish his goldsmith business. He has since been credited with the creation of the distinctive Claddagh Ring design.

Royal Approval

The Ring started to achieve popularity outside the Western region during the nineteenth century and especially after Queen Victoria of England wore one. King Edward VII and the Monaco Royal Family have since kept up this regal tradition.

Wearing the Ring

The way the ring is carried is of most importance as, if the ring is worn with the crown facing inwards (to the hand) and with the heart on the inside, then it signifies that the bearer is married or engaged, or has found a lifelong friendship.

If the ring is worn with the heart on the outside and with the crown on the inside then it signifies that the bearer is not promised.

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